MRW mah boy Firebrand hits me wit da Slendybills  

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Any gamers out there know how easy/accessible MKX is for a newscrub? Like, new to fighting games overall? I’ve NEVER had interest in playing a fighting game but I’m captivated by this one…

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Packing a personal…

Stand back…taking this one to the dome. Caffeine is supposed to be great for anxiety right? ITS SUPPOSED TO BE GREAT FOR IT RIGHT?!

Anybody out there working a really unfulfilling job that has nothing to do with their field of study? I know I’m first-worlding so hard…I should be happy I got to have an “area of study” at all. Still, can’t shake the feeling I’ve done nothin but make mistakes since I left home for college.

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Directly support…

Anybody out here big Twitch users? Do you subscribe to anyone? I can’t justify doing it. I feel like if I was in that situation where I was trying to make gaming my job and stuff, I’d want people to Subscribe to me. So I kind of feel bad about not subbing my favorites. Just […]

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