Who out there is using their degree, if they have one, for what they actually intended when they set out to get it? Like, show of hands? Does it bother anyone else besides me? Advertisements

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Sons Of Anarachy

Has been getting consistently better since Season 4 or whenever Jimmy Smitts came on. Currently in Season 6…NO SPOILERS. I probably shouldn’t be marathoning this before bed but like…I can’t stop watching. Any recommendations for some calmer shit to watch?

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So I got a twotter:¬† I can’t promise I’ll use it, but I can promise I’ll watch YOU use it. And your friends too maybe. In other news, TOTALLY thought today was going to be a better day, until I pull into work and there’s this couple walking by. I’m sitting in my still-running car […]

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Any other night owls out there? Did/do you find it hard to go to sleep during the day? I have to be in bed by like 3PM for my midnight shift and…idk. It’s not the going to sleep part that’s hard, it’s the waking up/operating at night part. I think I’m getting jittery/anxious in a […]

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